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Business Practices You Should Practice

And practice makes perfect! Here are some day-to-day practices that may seem like small details—but are important ingredients in creating and maintaining great business relationships. Update Your Voice-Mail Greeting Daily People will notice that you change your voicemail daily and update your whereabouts. They will compliment you and feel that you care about the impression […]

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Out of Sight is Out of Mind!

Believe it! If you don’t have deliberate (and creative) ways of staying in touch and reminding prospects and clients that you’re a valued resource, they won’t call you. Well, they may not call you. Odds are they won’t call you. Everybody is busy and rarely does it occur to your prospects that they should be […]

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Update Your Voicemail Greeting Daily

The essence of networking is being able to relate to other people, empathize with them, and have a giving nature. If you can make other people feel good about what you do and say, that feeds into every networking approach that I can think of. Keep this in mind when you practice the little things all day, every day.

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