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The Jury’s Out!

I was almost on jury duty last week – actually disappointed that I wasn’t. I showed up and simply wasn’t selected. The whole process is absolutely fascinating! (No doubt, I was the most excited person in the room.) Over a cup of coffee I read all the booklets, watched the orientation video, and ultimately sat […]

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How to Get the Most from Networking Groups

Do you need to become part of a group, chapter, club, organization, association, cell, community, or tribe to be successful at networking? Of course not, but it helps. A lot! Networking is simply meeting or contacting someone in an effort to get connected to those that can help you reach a goal. That goal could […]

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Networking Tips You Can Practice at Your Desk!

Or someone else’s desk! You don’t have to go to a chamber mixer, cocktail party, association meeting, business card exchange, or conference to network – although it ain’t a bad thing! Going to events is one of the quickest ways to meet new people and reconnect with those you want to get to know better. […]

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Professional Associations

In this round, Michael discusses not only what a professional association is, but also why you would want to join one. Some of the benefits of joining one just might knock you out! )

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“Soft” Contact Networking Groups

Last week we focused on hard contact networking groups such as BNI & LeTip. This week, we will focus on networking at soft contact networking groups such as Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club meetings. As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts and comments. Soft Contact Networking Groups

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Hard contact group such as BNI and LeTip are great places to proactively network. Michael discusses some best practices when attending a meeting.



Remembering Names

As in remembering people’s names when you meet them. Hopefully, you remember yours. Anyway, we all do it! You’re standing there speaking with someone at a cocktail party, networking meeting, conference, convention, whatever, and you realize you have no idea of what that person’s name is. You’ve been chatting it up with them the whole […]

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Top 10 Best Types of Referrals

Question – have you ever received a “referral” from someone that wasn’t exactly what you were looking for?  Maybe it wasn’t the best of connections or the need, timing, and interest wasn’t there.  Better Question – do you know anyone (not you of course) who has given a “referral” to someone that wasn’t exactly what […]

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