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Great Habits to Grow Your Business

I can’t tell you how many sales professionals I see that look so good, come across so well, work for such great companies, and yet don’t do what it takes to run a healthy business. Anyway, here are 5 great habits to pick up if you’re serious about growing your business!

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Turn Social Situations into Business Relationships

Business happens at the speed of trust and, if there is no trust, no value, no genuine connection, or no synergy, all the dinners, ball games, and golf outings in the world aren’t going to change those relationships.

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How to Help Advisors Succeed and Generate More Business

What if there was more of an effort to recruit the right candidates and have more experienced sales producers available to help them generate more business? Many more would succeed and the team (agency, branch, or whatever) would have much higher retention and production.

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