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How to Network Like a Student of the Game!

Outside of my day job, I’m an adjunct professor at Rutgers University where I teach a public speaking class. It’s my Monday night of fun before I’m off for the work week to have, well, more fun. As part of the curriculum, I teach many approaches about networking and generating more referrals to the students […]

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5 Reasons You Don’t Get More Referrals

Of course, I don’t know for sure if these explanations apply to you. I mean, I’m not there! Really, how would I even know? I’m not looking over your shoulder when you’re on the phone. Or attending events. Or speaking with clients, centers of influence, and other colleagues. Or when you’re not! But I’ll tell […]

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Top 10 Mistakes Made at a Networking Event

  By you! Made in the midst of sipping that drink. Ordering that appetizer. Searching for that business card. Making that small talk. Checking that email. Contributing to that 50/50 raffle. And looking at your watch. Then you wonder why you don’t get more business out of these events. And, what are you going to […]

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