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How Do I Handle Awkward Business Networking Moments?

I just got asked this question at a firm I was speaking at by a financial advisor. It would have been awkward if I didn’t have a good answer. I shared my most awkward business networking moment as part of my response.

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How to Follow Up when you haven’t Followed Up

See that stack of business cards on your desk? You know, the ones bound together in a snarl of rubber bands? Maybe you have those cards in neat piles with notes scribbled on them. In alphabetical order. Or arranged phonetically. In a binder of some sort. A shoebox. Or in an archaic device that in the good old days we called a Rolodex.

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How to Reconnect with Your Network

How many “friends” do you have on Facebook? And are they all actually your friends? How about Linked In – how many connections? Followers on Twitter? Yes, almost every aspect of sales is a numbers game and it can be impressive to have a lot of connections, friends, or whatever but the reality is most […]

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