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It’s Time to Meet Jeter!

A lot of exciting “feel good” sports stories in the news lately. And it’s about time! LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet, left his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers four years ago. Why? To play on a dream team in Miami to win a couple of championships. Now he’s back home to […]

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Starting a Converation

Have you ever been to a networking event, party, or even just a small gathering and you didn’t know anyone? Did you find yourself standing in the corner waiting for “the round” to end? Take some pointers from “your corner”!

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“Soft” Contact Networking Groups

Last week we focused on hard contact networking groups such as BNI & LeTip. This week, we will focus on networking at soft contact networking groups such as Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club meetings. As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts and comments. Soft Contact Networking Groups

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