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Attitude and Effort

When it comes down to it, there are really two things in life that you have complete control over – your attitude and effort. Whether it’s fielding ground balls, helping a child with their reading, a marketing approach, customer service, sales, or training for a big fight, attitude and effort are everything.

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8 “Knock Out” Branding Ideas

It’s Thursday morning and I’m in my seventh airport this week. Only two more to go! Airports, that is. This either means I’m traveling too much or I need a new travel agent. Anyway, as I sip my coffee and look around the gate, I suddenly realize I’m relaxed. (Something I’m not used to.) I’m […]

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What is Your Networking Attitude?

A friend of mine booked me to speak at his networking group. In doing so, he was nice enough to introduce me to his counterpart who runs the group (there are many of them) based local to me. Hey, it was the networking thing to do! An introductory email was sent to all parties and […]

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