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Business Networking: 6 Ways to Network with Exhibitors

Because business owners and sales people exhibiting at conferences, conventions, trade shows, product shows, and expos want to sell their products and services while collecting lots of business cards. Of course! And if you’re looking to sell your product and service to them (as in the exhibitor), they don’t want to talk to you. Well, they almost never want to talk to you. Can you blame them?

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What’s Wrong with Your Business Networking?

How many events, mixers, or meetings do you attend? Coffee meetings do you schedule? Phone calls do you make? Emails do you send? LinkedIn messages do you post? Facebook pics do you share? Tweets do you make? Snaps do you chat? Are you getting everything out of your business networking that you’re putting in?

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5 Business Networking “Musts”

If you’re serious about making more contacts and establishing better relationships, business networking will undoubtedly be part of your “fight plan”. That means networking events, chambers, business meetings, conferences, mixers, clubs, groups, meet-ups, and even online communities will be a part of your networking campaign. Here are 5 Business Networking Musts; that you must embrace […]

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