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Doing “The Murph” on Memorial Day

Crossfit gyms worldwide honor Michael Murphy every year on Memorial Day by doing his favorite workout which consists of running a mile, doing 100 pull ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and then running another mile (20-pound weight vest optional). This is the second year in a row that I completed the workout.

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The “New” Rules of Networking

Generally, there aren’t any established rules (at least not written) at networking events (speed networking might be the exception), cocktail parties, chamber mixers, association meetings, alumni events, and so on. But imagine if there were? Wouldn’t we all be much better at making more connections, writing more business, and developing more important relationships? Have no fear; The Rules of Networking are here!

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It’s Time to Meet Jeter!

A lot of exciting “feel good” sports stories in the news lately. And it’s about time! LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet, left his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers four years ago. Why? To play on a dream team in Miami to win a couple of championships. Now he’s back home to […]

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How to Talk to People

Red Lobster. Ground Round. Houlihan’s. Bennigan’s. Cheesecake Factory. Legal Seafoods. I’ve worked for them all at one time or another. But that was a lifetime ago. Although I would never work in the hospitality industry again, I’m reminded of many of my experiences whenever I dine out. All those flashbacks of my open to close […]

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Who are Your Favorites?

Well, we have lots of favorites. Favorite colors, actors, flowers, cars, vacation spots, etc. Of course, for me, I’m a boxer so boxing is top of mind. I’m always asked about who my favorites are so here they are – in order! Imamu Mayfield, former IBF Cruiserweight Champion, still active. Currently 25 wins, 9 losses, […]

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Starting a Converation

Have you ever been to a networking event, party, or even just a small gathering and you didn’t know anyone? Did you find yourself standing in the corner waiting for “the round” to end? Take some pointers from “your corner”!

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Professional Associations

In this round, Michael discusses not only what a professional association is, but also why you would want to join one. Some of the benefits of joining one just might knock you out! )

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8 “Knock Out” Branding Ideas

It’s Thursday morning and I’m in my seventh airport this week. Only two more to go! Airports, that is. This either means I’m traveling too much or I need a new travel agent. Anyway, as I sip my coffee and look around the gate, I suddenly realize I’m relaxed. (Something I’m not used to.) I’m […]

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Hard contact group such as BNI and LeTip are great places to proactively network. Michael discusses some best practices when attending a meeting.