How to Develop and Deliver a Knockout Webinar!

If you’ve never delivered a webinar, now is the time to learn! Webinars are one of the best ways to engage an audience and establish credibility. Not to mention create followers and sales opportunities. Webinars can be delivered in an asynchronous format (pre-recorded) or synchronous (real time). Webinars are inexpensive, scale-able, and simple – once you know how.

What is your area of expertise? Who needs to hear about what it is you know? It’s easy enough to develop a webinar that can teach your marketplace about something they need to know. Simply create a Top 10 List about something your prospects and clients need to know. In fact, you can ask your current clients what they find most valuable about you and your services as you develop your content. If you’re a financial advisor, there’s probably a lot of advice you can offer about financial planning and what to do now that many people aren’t working or are in businesses that are at a standstill due to “social distancing”. At the end of your first webinar, ask your audience if there are other related topics that they would be interested in learning about. That’s your next webinar!

The challenge when delivering a webinar (or when speaking in virtual meetings) is knowing that your audience will tend to multi-task. That means you’ll be competing with email, texting, Facebook, and Solitaire. There are other distractions your audience may be dealing with including noise, other people (and pets) in the background, technology issues, eating and drinking, and maybe even the weather. A good practice is to set the standard at the beginning of your meeting, so your attendees know your expectation. I will often say that I plan on calling on some of the attendees throughout the meeting for their insight so be ready. Also, make sure you project your voice as if you’re speaking to others in a conference room. Even on a webinar you must command “the room”. It’s best if you use the camera or video feature so you can look at your audience and they can look at you. This way, you’re not just a voice talking at them, you’re a real person speaking with them. Use engaging stories, real life examples, ask your audience to participate either by speaking or by using the chat feature. Make the webinar fun as appropriate and get your audience involved as often as possible.

You can market your webinar through social media, email blasts, targeted emails, and blogs. In fact, you can watch my webinar Knockout Approaches to Virtual Networking here! What’s great about having a webinar scheduled (or most events for that matter) is you always have something to invite people to. You can promote your webinar to everyone you speak with and to everyone you email as appropriate. Why not?

There are lots of online platforms including Zoom, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, WebX, Skype, and other platforms through Google and Facebook. Find one that makes the most sense given the cost, simplicity, effectiveness, and features.

Rely on me to be in your corner – always. Stay healthy and safe!

Keep the left up!

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