Your Networking WHY!

NOT as in WHY am I doing this? But WHY as in what is the purpose?

If you are clear, crisp, and clean (with no caffeine!) about your WHY, you’ll be clear about your how, where, what, and with whom!


The key is staying busy in the ring (as we say, well, in the ring) because every now and then a punch lands. In other words, the busier you are at going to the right places, saying the right things, meeting the right people, and developing the right relationships, something will land. As in a positive result will happen.

Anyway, there are really only 6 WHY’s to Networking! No, really!

Your Networking WHY!More Business, Land a Job, Learn, Social Reasons, Pay it Forward, and Solve a Specific Problem. The key is to be very specific!

What type of business are you looking for?
Industry, profession, market segment, niche, dynamic, demographic, geography. Yes, a lot of details! The more specific and detailed you are about your target market and type of business you’re looking for, the more likely you’ll get it.

What type of job are you looking for?
Industry, profession, market segment, company culture, mission, geography, target companies. Again, with the details!

What type of social connections are you looking for?
Common interests, similar backgrounds, aligned goals, sense of humor, athletic, fitness oriented, parent, non-parent, profession, age, demographic, geography. Of course, this may depend on whether you’re looking to make friends or for a romantic relationship. Or all of the above!

If you’re focused on learning (a new market, playing the piano), paying it forward (providing a service simply to help others), or solving a specific problem (elder care issue with parent, challenge with a child), it’s important to be specific.

Some of these WHYs may overlap but one should be dominant. You might be looking to land a job but also focused on learning about a new industry. Or focused on growing your business but at the same time paying it forward through a fundraiser.

Know your WHY so you’re clear on your KO Networking Action Plan – where to go, what to say, and with whom!

Stay busy in the ring!

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