Networking – It’s NOT about YOU!

I took in the July 4th fireworks in a major city. Part of the festivities was a concert in the park. Two major pop stars delivered great performances! Lots of food vendors, beach blankets, big screens, news coverage, and of course a grand stage in the center of it all.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for – before the actual fireworks.

Introducing the first performer, entourage and all.

Networking - It's NOT about YOU!The first performer spoke a lot before getting into the first song. She mentioned her awards and success in between songs and discussed why each song was important to her. American Idol, her Academy Award, her Grammy, the whole thing.

The other performer, also a major award winner including two Billboard Awards and various other global music awards and nominations, started right out of the gate with one of her hit songs. She focused on interacting with the audience, inviting them onstage to sing along, and playing to the kids throughout the show. Much more fun! I’m now a fan!

When looking to make a connection (networking, entertaining, whatever) always focus on your audience. It’s not you, it’s them!

The more you focus on your audience, the more they will focus on you.

What are their challenges? Successes? Goals? Interests?

The result? More connections. More fans. More business. More fun!

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