Come to Fight!

Andy Ruiz – Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Ever hear of him? Most boxing fans have never heard of him. In fact, not a household name even in his own household as Bert Sugar, boxing writer used to say.

On Saturday night, Ruiz knocked out Anthony Joshua to become the undisputed champ.

He doesn’t look like a champion. Doesn’t even look like a boxer! But Andy Ruiz came to fight!

Business Networking - come to fightAnd in the process, changed the game of boxing while doing it. Result? Fortunes won and lost. Big time fights that were supposed to happen may never happen. And certainly not for 100 million-dollar paydays. Styles make fights and nobody even saw this coming.

Game changer!

What do YOU need to do in your business to change the game?

If you’re a financial advisor, broker, product wholesaler, banker, or other sales producer, what will be your gamechanger?

Who do you need to meet?
Who are your best prospects? Best referral sources? Best clients? What is your target market? Write down the 10, 20, 50 names that you think are most important for you to reconnect with or meet. Look to network and develop relationships and ultimately exchange referrals and generate business.

Where do you need to go?
Where do your prospects, referral sources, and clients hang out? Chambers of Commerce? Networking groups? Association meetings? Mastermind Groups? Golf courses? The gym? LinkedIn Groups? Maybe you can develop your own group geared toward supporting your target market. Keep in mind if you build it they will come. And you’ll always have somewhere to invite those 10, 20, or 50 people.

What do you need to say?
What questions do you need to ask? What does your elevator speech or value prop sound like? Is it specific enough? Does it make it clear about who you’re looking to meet and why? What is your follow up strategy? How will you stay in touch with the key people on your list?

It’s the beginning of the week and halfway through the year – set a financial goal for the next 90 Days and write down the 10 things you need to do to make that goal happen. Who do you need to meet? Where do you need to go? What do you need to say?

Schedule the activities and mark your calendars – TODAY.

Come to fight!

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