3 Knock Out Networking Tips!

Here are 3 quick Knock Out Networking Tips!

• Be specific about your target market when speaking with true prospects, clients, referral partners, family, friends, family friends, pets, etc. etc. In other words, everyone! When you’re at events or have an opportunity to get in front of people what are you saying to them? What industry, profession, market segment, channel, niche, or firm are you targeting? Who needs to know or be reminded?

• Stay in touch with the Top 20 or so referral sources in your network. Let them know what your networking objectives are – as in who you want to meet. Hint: Help your referral sources get what they want, and they will help you right back! (I think they call that networking!)

• Be active on LinkedIn by posting valuable information to your target market and referral sources. Stay top of mind to them and be mindful of those that are active on LI and react to your posts. Take note of how many views you get and be aware of the terms that drive activity. For example, when I mention “referrals” I see an uptick in views and activity!

Put a system in place TODAY to implement a Knock Out Networking tip into your daily routine. Yes, daily! Schedule 15 minutes a day (set up a reoccurring meeting in your phone!) to learn, help, and provide value to the most important people in your network.

Let me know what ideas you will put in place!

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