5 Ways to Hit Your Goals in the New Year!

Since, the New Year is all about resolution, reflection, new beginnings, big ideas, a fresh start, clean slate, (not to mention good will to all and that sort of thing!), I want to send you into 2018 knowing that I’m thinking about you and your goals.
That is, if you have goals!
Hit your goalsHere are some “musts” you might consider when setting your goals – whether personal or professional (or networking!) goals.
You MUST be passionate about your goal.
If there is little to no passion behind your goal, it will become just another broken promise. Being passionate about your goal means you’re willing to invest the time, energy, and money to achieve it. Passion also means getting excited when simply talking about your goal. (Ever notice that?)

You MUST see your goal every day.
This way it’s on your mind. Remember, you become what you think about. There’s something to be said about posting your goal on a whiteboard, a tattoo sleeve on your arm (kidding), or an index card on your bathroom mirror. In your car. On your phone. At the top of your calendar. On the bookmark of the book you’re reading. Keep your goal top of mind and share it with others so it becomes a regular discussion point. Momentum, baby!
Your goal MUST be precise.
There must be a definitive start and end point to your goal. When will you get started? Is there a clear finish line? How do you know you’re on the right track? How will you measure your progress? How will you know when to re-adjust, re-align, re-do, re-boot, or retreat? Think about training for a marathon or some other race. Once you register, the game is on! Then it’s about daily and weekly goals to hit your targets so you’re ready for the race. Be precise and measured. What gets measured gets done!
Your goal MUST be aligned with your self-image.
If you can’t imagine yourself doing what it takes to achieve your goal, you’ll probably never achieve it. For example, if cold calling factors into your desired goal and you feel embarrassed doing it, you may want to find a new goal or at least a different way to get there. Self-image and the way you see yourself is powerful!
Your routine behaviors MUST be aligned with your goal.
If there is no time scheduled on the calendar or somebody isn’t holding you true to your word, it will be difficult to get into a routine. This gets back to the training for a marathon analogy. Another example is writing a book. I speak to advisors and other sales producers all the time about the book they want to write and how to get started. I know very few that have been successful at getting their book out. You’re more likely to complete the book if you write at the same time every day for at least an hour (9:00-10:00AM in your calendar!). You’ll get into a groove, create the right habits, and be much more productive than if you write when you get a chance or when the spirit moves you.
I look forward to helping you hit your goals!

Lead with your power punch this year and rely on me to always be in your corner! 
Have a Knock Out New Year!

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