Monthly Archives: February 2017

Video – Get a Daily Action Plan

This week’s episode of 3 Minute Rounds discusses the benefits of having a daily action plan. This plan helps you with your goals and staying consistent throughout the day. I’ll cover the rationale behind a daily action plan and go through the steps to do setting up and using your plan.

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Video – Stay In Touch With Those You Like – Business Networking

In this episode of 3 Minute Rounds, I’ll give you some pointers for how to stay in touch when meeting someone you like at a business networking event (’cause you probably don’t care if you stay in touch with someone you don’t like!).

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6 Ways to Make Real Business Connections on LinkedIn

I delivered a talk on making business connections not too long ago through the Department of Labor. The program was called, “How to Network and Generate More Referrals.” The audience was a couple of hundred job searchers – those that had been upsized, downsized, right sized, left sized, and super-sized. A man in his early […]

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