Monthly Archives: January 2017

5 Business Networking Mistakes

Business networking is learning about other people’s businesses, interests, and loves. And if and when you get to know, like, and trust them, you may have an opportunity to refer them business. Especially if you come in contact with those that hire them or can refer them to someone that can. Simple as that!

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How to End a Business Networking Conversation

Sometimes it is a bit awkward to end a conversation with someone – whether it is social or at a business networking function. In this episode of 3 Minute Rounds, I’ll provide several methods for ending conversations. Check it out and be sure to leave your comments below!

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5 Ways to Kill Your Business Networking Goals

How many times have you set a goal for yourself and it fizzled? A fitness goal. Weight loss. Business. Networking. Financial. New job. That vacation destination you may never see, etc. etc. Sometimes achieving a goal comes easy, which could mean that the goal wasn’t BIG enough. But it’s rare that we get off so […]

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