5 Simple Marketing Tips that Produce More Connections

I try to do the right thing at the right time. They may just be little things, but usually they make the difference between winning and losing.” A great quote from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (If you were born after 1990 you may want to Google him.)

Marketing Tips - KareemAnyway, the gist is: little things make a big difference. Especially if the little things happen on a consistent basis – like, every day. This is true in physical fitness, team sports, diet, martial arts, playing chess, and of course, marketing.

If you’re a financial advisor, broker, rep, agent, planner, wholesaler, or any type of sales producer, I promise if you start doing more of these little things in your practice, it will make a big difference.

Here are five easy marketing tips you can start doing on a daily basis that will drastically impact your marketing and ultimately your sales.

Make Your Communication More Personal on LinkedIn
Yes, there are hundreds of millions of users on LinkedIn. It’s the world’s largest business database and networking tool. Yet, most of those users don’t take the time to make their communication more personalized, targeted, and, well, better. When looking to connect with someone on LinkedIn, don’t send them the generic “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Instead, write a personal note inviting them to connect so you can potentially help one another. The same thing goes for “likes.” Reach out to those that “liked you” and simply say thank you and, if appropriate, request a conversation to – again – potentially help one another. If you have a phrase you like, save it somewhere and use it to copy/paste into your notes and responses on LinkedIn. Don’t worry, nobody will know!

Change Your Voicemail Greeting Every Day
Or every week. And yes, there are still those that use the phone (Again, if you were born before the turn of the century you can Google it.). Even your phone has an App for that. Anyway, if you change your business phone (land line?) every day or week, clients and other associates that call you regularly will absolutely notice that you change your greeting and update your whereabouts. They may compliment you and feel that you care about the impression that you leave every day. It shows that their call is really important to you and not just words that you might offer on a voicemail greeting. Also, on your greeting, never say, “…please leave a message and I’ll return your call at my earliest convenience.” That doesn’t leave me with the best impression. It implies that my call isn’t all that important and you’ll return my call when you get around to it. Is that really good enough?

Commit to Returning All Calls and Emails Within 24 Hours
I know this is etiquette 101 but try to return phone calls or emails within a day or so. Or, if the message was left on a Friday, or the day before a holiday, then return the message the next business day. And I mean all phone calls – even those from people you don’t know or who are soliciting business. Don’t you like your calls to be returned? In fact, on my voicemail greeting (the one I change every day), I make a promise to return their call promptly. “Please leave a message and I promise to return your call within 24 hours.” Emails should also be returned promptly unless you’re traveling internationally (or happen to be in a submarine) and don’t have access for some reason. Of course, you can let everyone know through an auto responder.

Send Out Handwritten Cards
When was the last time you received a handwritten card? I remember as a kid looking forward to my birthday for the same reason as every other kid – the presents and recognition. But I also loved to receive cards in the mail, especially from my grandparents. It always felt good to get something in the mail that was addressed to me. Funny, I just had a birthday and got two cards – which were handed to me. But I got a whole slew of posts on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday. Although that’s fun, it just isn’t the same. Imagine how you could make a prospect, client, or referral source feel if you sent them a card? Even if it’s not their birthday! Make a list of the 50 or 75 most influential people in your world (or better, in your target market if you happen to have one). Send a handwritten card every week to someone on that list, with no agenda, and see what happens!

Contact One A2Z Member of Your Database Every Day
As you scan your database, go alphabetically down the list (A to Z) and send an email or pick up the phone and contact them to catch up, reconnect, and possibly explore a mutually beneficial business opportunity. As you continue to work your way through your database, you’ll notice yourself updating, adding, and deleting which is a byproduct of actually using your database. You’ll also find yourself becoming more focused and more actively connecting. And, other than a few minutes a day, this costs you nothing other than upside.

Incorporate these best practices into your daily life to make people feel good about themselves and great about you!

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