Be Amazin’ and Generate More Business!

Yes, these days, you can characterize the New York Mets as being amazing! The Mets have become not just the talk of the town but the talk of Major League Baseball.

You may not be a baseball fan (or even a Mets fan) so I won’t bore you with the details, but here are the broad strokes…


On July 29th, in the middle of the game, the Mets starting shortstop overheard from the crowd (not his manager, who didn’t even know) that he was going to be traded after the game. When he took his position in the field, he was caught by the media wiping tears from his eyes. When the player returned to the dugout, he learned that the trade had fallen through. Since then, he’s put up serious offensive numbers and tape measure home runs. Then the Mets made a few trades before the July 31st deadline and traded for three players, including a superstar. They immediately went on several winning streaks and transformed into a strong first place team.

Several other players returned to the line up from injury and also started to perform. Hitting, fielding, great pitching, you name it!

And if this wasn’t enough, on Monday, the Mets got their home grown superstar third baseman back after he missed over a hundred games due to injury. In his first at bat, he hit a tape measure homerun that ignited the crowd. This capped another huge offensive performance by the team – franchise records in fact – as they hit 8 homeruns and 15 extra base hits. Yes, in one game!

Baseball fan or not, how’s that for exciting?

In less than a month, the Mets went from a one dimensional (they had great pitching) team with a frustrated fan base to the most exciting story in baseball. And that’s with that other great first place team just across town!

OK, here’s the big segue…

As a financial advisor, is your practice amazing? If not, why? As things pick up after Labor Day, what can you do to generate more business and make it amazing? Or even more amazing? Here are some ideas!

Hire a Marketing Assistant
Or any type of assistant for that matter. Someone that can help you with sales, marketing, or administrative tasks. Of course, it might be easier to hire someone that doesn’t have to even come into your office (my assistant is virtual). If you feel too much of your time is spent doing things that take away from something that’s more pressing (like sales and speaking to clients), then it’s time to wake up earlier or hire someone to allow you to make better use of your time.

Focus on a Target Market
Maybe it’s time to be more specific about the clients you want to serve so you’ll have a much easier time marketing to them. A target market is whom you serve best and therefore wish to serve most. The more specific you are about describing your target market, the better. Keep in mind that saying that you’re looking to work with more small businesses, or pre-retirees, or small families might not be specific enough. Ask yourself what type of small businesses – industry, profession, geography, current circumstance. Or what type of small families – geography, owns a home (first time), etc. What marketplace is best suited for the type of work you do or want to do?

Overcome a Challenge
Do you struggle with generating referrals from existing clients? Do you want to deliver seminars but fear public speaking? Has your practice leveled off and become stale? Do you root for the wrong baseball team? What can you do to overcome those challenges? You might want to engage a coach or find a mentor that has a practice that you admire. In most cases, it’s important to only consider the advice from coaches, mentors, and others that have walked in your shoes and have already been successful at what you’re pursuing.

Develop a New Skill or Expertise
There might be an area that you’ve always wanted to make a part of your practice. This might be the year! Put time on your calendar to sign up for a course or take that program that everyone has been talking about. Is there a book out there that you’ve been meaning to read? With a few keystrokes you can find a ton of online resources and seminars on just about anything. Naturally, it’s best to ask around and get advice from those that have done what you’re looking to do.

Create an Additional Revenue Stream
Lots of advisors have incorporated a fee-based planning component to their practice. I know others that get paid to deliver seminars on financial literacy and retirement planning. There are advisors that devote a good portion of their time helping less seasoned counterparts while splitting commissions. There’s also the writing and publishing route if you have something important to say to a specific audience. I know a few advisors that have developed industry related software – there’s an app for that! The possibilities are almost endless!

The key is to make your wish list a checklist and to simply focus on just one of those items at a time. Once you start trying to do everything, you’ll do nothing. Less is always more.

Accomplish each item according to priority and you’ll do an amazing job.

What will you do to be the talk of your town?


Photo by Keith Allison

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