Monthly Archives: June 2015

Creating a Practice with Little (or No) Natural Market

The financial services industry is highly dependent on using a recruit’s natural market to kick start their practice. This makes sense for a couple of reasons: One, if you are truly committed to this business, then sharing your knowledge with the people you care about is important. Two, if those same people care about you, and want you to be successful, they will be a terrific source of referrals.

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How to Be More Likeable

It’s important to have an understanding of why people like you and why you like them. By doing so, you have a much better chance of being more likeable and, therefore, making more and better connections. Pretty important if you’re a sales producer or business owner looking to grow a business.

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How to Beat the Competition in Business Networking

What if you’re at a networking event and you bump into someone that does what you do? Great question! Of course, if you’re a financial advisor, broker, rep, agent, or producer, and you go to an association meeting in your industry, you expect to bump into others in your profession. But usually at meetings like […]

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