Five Things You Can Do to Produce Sales Activity NOW

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As a financial advisor, broker, rep, associate, planner, or other type of sales producer, it’s important to keep activity, well, active! Other than making a billion cold calls, here are five things you can do right now from the comfort of your office or car to produce sales. And I mean right now!

Family and Friends
Talk to your family and friends about the work you do and the work you’re trying to do. Be specific about your perfect client. Maybe share how you’ve helped someone with their insurance needs, a good mutual fund, or retirement planning. Mention specific company names and types of individuals you’re looking to meet and potentially be introduced to.

Learn about your clients. Find out about their families, interests, activities, challenges, goals, likes, dislikes, and what they’re up to at work. In fact, create a list of questions that you can use to learn more about your clients. You don’t want your conversation to sound like an interview but let them know that you pride yourself on getting to know your clients, staying in touch regularly, and developing great relationships. If your client is a business owner or sales producer, explore ways to help refer each other business. If they’re not a sales producer, explore ways to help one another. Have these conversations regularly; perhaps quarterly. Best over a meal or at a ball park!

True Prospects
True prospects are actually prospects. As opposed to just prospects. I’m exploring the prospect of making a distinction between prospects and prospects. Are you getting me? Anyway, I consider those that you already know, who know you (or of you), and want to do business with you someday true prospects. It’s not a question of if it’s a question of when they will do business with you. Stay in touch regularly, maybe every 30 days, and offer something of value. A free webinar, a coaching call, an invite to a seminar, a book, article, white paper, etc. Offer to be a sounding board and that you’re happy to offer your opinion. It’s a lot of fun helping people and they may figure that if they’re getting so much value from you for free, imagine if they worked with you?

This is what’s left of your database from A to Z once you exclude your clients, true prospects, friends, and vendors. As you go through the alphabet from top to bottom, reach out to an A2Z contact and offer to catch up. This can ultimately be a scheduled call or face-to-face meeting. Often, these are people that have fallen off your radar for no reason other than we all get busy as our lives move in different directions. It’s fun reconnecting with people after a long time and learning about how things have changed over the years. You may recharge friendships! As you explore ways to help one another, you might create some opportunities.

Please add me to your LinkedIn network.

How many times do you see that note in your inbox? How many times do you send that note to somebody else’s inbox? Delete. LinkedIn is a brilliant tool that can be used to do research on people, relationships, companies, and so much more. Think of how powerful it would be to reach out to one person a day that is connected to someone you already know. In fact, if that person focused on the same marketplace as you, it would be interesting. You could send a note (a personal note!) inviting them to “connect” and engage. It could look something like this.

Hello _____!
Seems we both know ____ and serve similar clients while not competing. It would be great to connect by phone, learn about your work, and explore ways of helping one another.
Let me know your thoughts!
Warm regards, ____

Activity drives activity. And most sales activities boil down to simply making a call, sending a note, offering help, and staying in touch. Most of these day-to-day sales activities cost nothing.

Not taking a few minutes every day to do them could cost everything.

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