Monthly Archives: January 2015

Even More “New” Rules of Networking

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been discussing networking and the rules (in my mind anyway) that “govern” your networking activities at cocktail parties, chamber mixers, alumni meetings, golf outings, networking groups, service clubs, associations, conferences, and conventions. Here are five more rules to add to your collection. Inflate wisely!

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MORE “New” Rules of Networking

If everyone was a prospect, you would have to “sell” them. Or at least you would want to. A prospect is someone that knows you or knows of you. They’re interested in doing business with you either now or at some point in the future. You know this because they told you. That’s a prospect! If you’re not sure if someone you’re speaking with is a prospect, simply ask them.

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The “New” Rules of Networking

Generally, there aren’t any established rules (at least not written) at networking events (speed networking might be the exception), cocktail parties, chamber mixers, association meetings, alumni events, and so on. But imagine if there were? Wouldn’t we all be much better at making more connections, writing more business, and developing more important relationships? Have no fear; The Rules of Networking are here!

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