Monthly Archives: February 2014

8 “Knock Out” Branding Ideas

It’s Thursday morning and I’m in my seventh airport this week. Only two more to go! Airports, that is. This either means I’m traveling too much or I need a new travel agent. Anyway, as I sip my coffee and look around the gate, I suddenly realize I’m relaxed. (Something I’m not used to.) I’m […]

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“Soft” Contact Networking Groups

Last week we focused on hard contact networking groups such as BNI & LeTip. This week, we will focus on networking at soft contact networking groups such as Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club meetings. As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts and comments. Soft Contact Networking Groups

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Hard contact group such as BNI and LeTip are great places to proactively network. Michael discusses some best practices when attending a meeting.