6 Things I’m Excited About!

For the New Year that is! Things that excite me about work. About play. Hobbies. Activities. Family. Teaching. Learning. Fitness. Goals. Dreams. The American Dream. The Dream Team. New beginnings, baby!

Here they are!

24/7 Training Camp!
It’s finally here! Top producers from my Networking seminars have been asking me for years about a formalized group coaching program that would keep them focused on meeting more people, generating more referrals, and writing more business. 24/7 is an 8-week “networking” training camp designed to condition any producer ready, willing, and able to get into fighting shape for the New Year.

CrossFit Training!
I’ve been training in CrossFit classes to help my physical conditioning and meet more people. Gyms (or “boxes”) are located nationally and offer hour long classes (just an hour!) to help you with your fitness goals. As a boxer, I’m excited because I already see a tremendous difference in my conditioning in the ring. I think my sparring partners see it too! This type of training is great because it almost forces you to stick with it – annual financial commitment, group classes, competition, and they take attendance. Imagine if everything held you accountable like this!

3 Minute Rounds!
Starting next week I’ll be offering a short video segment (roughly 3 minutes!) on Mondays focused on aspects of networking and referral marketing that you can implement immediately! I’ve already posted a few (you can find them on You Tube). And keep the left up! 

I’ve met so many great people this year! Financial advisers, realtors, publishers, new client firms, advocates, industry leaders, fellow boxers, trainers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, executives, and former executives. I’ve even been reunited with family members that I haven’t been in touch with for years. One of the things I’m most excited about is getting to know my new alliances better and forging relationships that will no doubt connect me (and them) with more interesting people. Think of all there is to learn from them!

177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, The Science of Getting Rich, Blue Ocean Strategy, Who Is This Man, Jack Kennedy Elusive Hero, Killing Lincoln, and Weight Training for Boxing round out my list. I’ll add The Shadow Thieves and any other books my kids want me to read to them at bedtime. I find I’m more focused on learning, brainstorming, and trying new things when I’m reading every day. 

Quality Time!
It’s been great scheduling quality time with the family and with friends. And yes, it’s something that almost always must be scheduled. I admit this is not a strength of mine but I’m excited to be working on it for next year. Plan that vacation, a play date with the kids, or that get away with the husband, wife, or whomever. Get out the calendar and make your plans now!

How many things are you excited about for the next go around? Maybe my list got you thinking. What new offerings can you create for your clients that will help you add more value to their lives? What new offerings can you create to help you add more value to yours?

Here are some important elements to consider before making your list (and checking it twice).

The excitement part is a must! You must be excited about any new challenges that are worth taking otherwise they’re not worth taking. It’s as simple as that. So get excited!

Also, the number of things you’re excited about doing is important. I know I mentioned 6 but it makes more sense to focus on just 1 or 2 big challenges. Accomplish them. Feel good about yourself and add 1 or 2 more to your list. Accomplish them and so on. Less is always more so think quality not quantity.

Finally, make your mix of 1 or 2 excitable items truly that – a mix. A mix of work and play. Gin and tonic. Rain and sun. Keep it fun and get it done. (I just made that up.)

Have an amazing New Year. And stay excited!

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