Serious About a Career in Modeling?

If you have ever dreamed of pursuing an exciting job as a professional model; if you’ve found yourself wondering how you can one day become a model strutting down the runways of New York, Paris, or Milan; if you are willing to put in the time, effort, and dedication required to make your dream of becoming a model a reality – now’s the time to stop dreaming and DO IT!

That’s what comes to mind for most people when you mention the term modeling. It’s also what comes up when you type the word modeling into a Google search.

Modeling is an important concept if you’re starting a business. Any business. Why? Because starting a business is so difficult to do. Doesn’t it make sense to look at others that are doing what you want to and simply use their blueprint? A role model of sorts.

Here’s the good news! The role models you need to meet or get to know are probably right under your nose! All you have to do is find someone that does what you’re looking to do. Thinks how you’re looking to think. Be how you’re looking to be. And most importantly – succeeds the way you want to succeed.

And that’s where networking comes in – where you need to go, what you need to say, and with whom! Ask yourself the following questions:

Who do you know in your firm (or with other firms if you’re an independent broker) that is a master at products specific to Life Insurance? Annuities? Long Term Care? Property and Casualty? Or approaches specific to financial planning? Or whatever your focus happens to be?

Who do you know in your firm that is a master at networking and making great business connections?

Who do you know in your firm that shares or has experience with your target market?

Who do you know in your firm that is a master at setting sales appointments by phone?

Who do you know in your firm that is a master at delivering a presentation at a sales appointment?

Who do you know in your firm that has the highest closing ratio at sales appointments?

Who do you know in your firm that delivers a powerful seminar in your area of expertise?

Who do you know in your firm that serves their clients at a high level?

Who do you know in your firm that is who you want to be?

Write the names of the advisors in (or outside your firm) that you want to learn from and start setting appointments with them. Let them know that you respect what they know, how they work, or whatever and ask if you can set aside time to gain their advice, insight, and recommendations. Ask if they can help you in the future as you have more questions. Let them know that it’s a two way street and you’re happy to help them any way you can. Make the relationship a “we” thing rather than a “me” (as in “you”) thing.

Isn’t that what networking is all about?

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One thought on “Serious About a Career in Modeling?

  1. Dave McKeon

    An excellent message that really focuses right in on exactly what do to improve the results you’re getting!


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