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Business Networking: Connecting with your Audience

Although standards like rubrics are important, if you don’t connect with your audience in a sales meeting, business networking event, job interview, or speaking engagement, all the rubrics (outside of the world of academe that is) won’t amount to very much. Success outside of the classroom comes down to the connections you make.

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How Do I Handle Awkward Business Networking Moments?

I just got asked this question at a firm I was speaking at by a financial advisor. It would have been awkward if I didn’t have a good answer. I shared my most awkward business networking moment as part of my response.

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Video – Get a Daily Action Plan

This week’s episode of 3 Minute Rounds discusses the benefits of having a daily action plan. This plan helps you with your goals and staying consistent throughout the day. I’ll cover the rationale behind a daily action plan and go through the steps to do setting up and using your plan.

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